Job Development and Placement 

Supported Employment 

Customized Employment 

Work Strategy Assessment 

Ticket to Work 

Whether it be pre-placement training, attaining employment, or on the job training that is needed, Reliant can assist. Everyone has their dreams and desires to become sufficient in their daily equilibrium. By assessing each individual’s current situation, dreams, goals and desires- realistic plans can be set, individual talents and strengths can be realized and the impossible can become very true, and very possible to attain. 
At Reliant Services, yourself or loved one will be given a very personal and individual approach to becoming employed and empowered within your employment. Reliant harvests a sense of very devoted service to you or your loved one’s needs. Your success is our success.


Daily Living Assistance

Group Activities
Life Skills and Goal Training



Services within supported living vary in many ways depending on the specific needs of you or your loved one. Services can include variations as needed within scheduling, companionship, budgeting, transportation, assisting in teaching and implementing life skills, activities and community or social involvement, education...and so much more. 
Supported living helps individuals progress towards the life goals they wish to achieve and maintain; personally, within their family, community and workplace. Reliant Services treats our supported living clients with constant respect and friendship, always with their personal goals in mind and service.




Individualized to meet the activites and interests of each participant, Reliant Services Day Program and After School supports create environments of care, fun and growth. 


We theme our program with music and art, creating and training on works inspired by famous creators. 


While maintaining all proper needs and schedule supports we also work to simultaneously expand the hobbies, skills and interests of each day program participant by focusing wholly on individualizing their experience and tailoring activities around who they are and want to become. Examples of activities include, group games, bowling, Lagoon trips, library and museum tours, Planetarium exursions and much more, and we're always flexible to your favorite suggestions!



Group Activities

Interest & Skill Discovery

Art and Music Development



Customized Home Placements

Personal & Intricate Supervision

More focused and individualized then residential care facilities, our Host Home program prides itself in creating ideal opportunities to match any home-living needs.


With many options for a customized home discovery, Reliant Services makes interviewing, touring and ultimately matching the most perfect fit of individuals to families comfortable and enjoyable. 


Once placed into a caring home, a myriad of supports are avaliable to offer any type of service and supervision needed.